This is the speech recognition software that lets you dictate documents, search the web, email and more on your computer. With this app, you do things many things such as…

Basic editing or moving cursor:

  • edit word(s) by saying “edit (word)”
  • select word(s) by saying “select (word)”
  • bold word(s) by saying “bold (word)”
  • italiza word(s) by saying “italicize (word)”
  • underline word(s) by saying “underline (word)”
  • change word by saying “correct (word)”
  • insert before specific word by “saying insert before (word) ”
  • go to the last cursor by saying “go back”
  • pressing down button by saying “move down one”
  • break line by saying “new line”
  • create new paragraph by saying “new paragraph”
  • Spell a word by saying “Spell”

Insert some puctuations, unit, currency, and number:

  • . by saying “period”
  • , by saying “comma”
  • – by saying “hyphen”
  • : by saying “colon”
  • ) by saying “close parenthes”
  • 1 by saying “numeral one”
  • ! by saying “exclamation point”
  • $ by saying “dollars”
  • ? by saying “question mark”
  • Kg by saying “kilogram”

Capitalize text:

  • capitalizes the first letters all words except for articles and prepositions by saying “caps on”. To turn it off, just say “caps off”
  • to enter word in all capital letters, you can say “all caps on”. This feature is the same as caps lock button on the keyboard.

Writing speficis words or opening specific application:

  • $4.04 by saying “four dollars and four cents”
  • Open internet explorer by saying “open internet explorer”

Nuance dragon can be used in browser too by installing nuance dragonextension. Here is some of its commands:

  • Go to address bar by saying “go to address bar”
  • Press enter after typing “press enter”

Navigate in the web-based email programs:

  • write a new email by saying “click compose”
  • write an email after entering address by saying “tab two times”
  • send an email by saying “click send”
  • reply en email by saying “click reply”

Improve your effectiveness in using Nuance Dragon, you can:

  • Edit vocabulary in vocabulary editor
  • Open dragon options
  • If you’re stuck you can open help feature of Nuance Dragon by saying “what can I say”