Congrats for me! I am now  “free transfer” man, waiting for an “entretien d’embauche”..
These are some links I found while studying overall IT to try my luck, and hopefully my luck works!

  1. risk management steps:

  1. risk a project may face:

  1. ways to be measured in a successful project:

  1. UML:

  1. load balancing technology: – Round Robin DNS

  1. data replication technology:

  1. benefits of MPLS

  1. how MPLS operates to route network

  1. tagging mechanism in MPLS

  1. Components must be implemented for service help desk to function properly

  1. relational database

  1. agile development programming

  1. record management system taxonomy

  1. cryptographic hash function

  1. stateful firewall

  1. IPS

  1. cloud computing characteristics, service models, and implementation models

  1. ipv6 benefits and transition mechanism