For you who want to learn other languages, you can try From that, you can find professional teachers, community tutors, and language partners to get started or to advance your language to certain level.

Every tutor and teacher registered in Italki offers several languages training in which you can join based on your preference. Indeed not all of them have the same language profiency so you must be careful in choosing them by reviewing the provided information and of course the student feedback.

In order to take advantage of other products and services at italki, you must purcahase a number of ITC (Italki Credit), which 10 ITCs equal to 1 USD. Professional techer and community tutor cost differently, ranging from teacher to teacher, languages, and services they provide.

Beside those paid services, you can have other services for free by having language partner. You can write a short essay and get help on your writing. On the contrary, you can correct other essay too. Be aware that by writing a short essay to be rectified, your writing will be open for public so make sure that you don’t share private or confidential content.