Hi. It’s been so longn since my last post.

I’ve just judged from my orthopaedist that my PCL (posterios cruciate ligament) tears and my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is twisted. I am really shocked but relieved that I know my problem before I accidently break my ligament.

It all started after I’ve finished Jakarta Marathon 2013. My right knee sometimes sounded “klik” when I twisted and I felt that my right knee a little bit loose but my left knee was just fine. I didn’t feel any pain on the knee. After that, I often got injured on my right knee, eg. hamstring, shin, or ankle but my left knee was OK. My recovery rate on my right foot is also slower than right foot. After enduring that discomfort, I decided to go to the doctor and have a MRI test. The result is just like I said in fisrt paragraph.


Well, there are four ligaments that tie tibula bone and thigh (femur) bone: LCL (lateral collateral ligament), MCL ( media collateral ligament), PCL, and ACL. LCL an MCL limit movement left and right. PCL, and ACL prevent tibia bone from moving back and forth. When ACL or PCL tear severely or snapped, surgical treatment is done. The graft (tendon that replace ACL/PCL) is taken from patellar or hamstring or quadriceps.

Here’s is the good explanation of ACL Injury and it’s surgery. http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=a00297