many obstacles I encounter during my final project. aghh.. I’m next to crazy now! I’m using OPNET Modeler to simulate network for calculating QoS in different queuing discipline. Here are the unresolved/resolved obstalces:

  • My simulation won’t work because of configuring VLAN. so I must set no-VLAN, crap! [UNRESOLVED]
  • contemplating which is good to use: exponential inter-arrival time, or poisson inter-arrival time to generate arriving data in markovian process. Then I made conclusion that exponential distribution is the one..[SOLVED]
  • My simulation result (in basic sense) always gives bps much more above than the reasonable result! at the end, I was wrong in determining simulation statistics.. [SOLVED]
  • transmission line’s bps limit is always exceeded! what did I do wrong?? this is confusing.. [UNRESOLVED]
  • my professor wanted me to change my final project’s TITTLE! I have fixed it in one day, but writed chapter 2 AGAIN in 4 days.. [SOLVED]
  • and many more..

despite of my problems, I always believe that God will give me the best if I TRY HARD! Let’s TRY HARD guys and make your time PERFECT!