This film is fantastic! Many Visual Effects you can enjoy from this film. It’s like watching Transformer2, the story is not that good, but you are served by more-than-2-hours visual effects.. Cool..

So, let’s talk about Hollywod film. Hollywood makes such a great film with great actor, sound, effect, and off course with the great cost. They make films so serious that you are interested to watch them and . But, be careful of hollywood film and say Basmallah before watching as there are bunch of propagandas you dont think they are, such as:

  • People from every religion pray, but something bad still happen. That implicitly tell you that every religion is a false teaching in order to point your mind to be an atheist or it can direct you to think that every religion is the same, each of them pray to their God, but misfortune still reach them.
  • Do not believe in premonition or end-of-the-day type that holllywood make in the film because no one know when and how the end of the day will happen. In addition, end of the day is not just the end of the world, it is the end of UNIVERSE.
  • Sometimes in the war film, you may find that Arabians are brutal and not smart. Hollywood wants to make you believe that Islam is underdeveloped religion. So be careful!
  • There are some mystical activities such as voodoo, possession. And when God (through religion) fight for them, the demon/intellectual win. In this case, film maker wants to make you think that God is weak, or imperfect, or suprisingly is there God?

I think you can think of more examples of shrewd propagandas in Hollywood film. That’s why you have to be carfeul!